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By James | Published: 19. October 2011

There are some fantastic new takes on the brogue around at the moment. Ever since I first saw the Prada ones with the heavy rubber sole I’ve wanted a pair. For the most part though, men’s shoes don’t change that much and when you look at a pair from a traditional shoemaker like these it isn’t hard to see why. The holes were originally designed to drain water when crossing bogs or marsh land, not something particularly necessary for a modern shoe, but they look so good purely as decoration.

At a time when so much fashion feels disposable, ready to be thrown away after only a season, the brogue has truly withstood the test of time. The design hasn’t really changed in last one hundred years since Church’s started producing different left and right shoes, and if you look after them they will last for decades. Another reason why every man really should own a pair.

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