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a week in fashion #75

By Marlene | Published: 26. August 2012

*Here’s a little preview of a post I’m preparing for next week: Elinor’s cool bronze Dries van Noten heels. The rest of her look is just as great. Until I’ll show you, here’s some other pretty great stuff from last week:

*The month of fashion weeks is kicking of soon in New York. I’m always amazed at how brilliantly and tirelessly Nicole Phelps writes about the shows. She’s my first source when I want to read about the collections. And I loved seeing her office, a behind the scenes that Who What Wear did in collaboration with The Coveteur.

*New York magazine’s fashion issues are consistently superb. But if I had to pick one story from their current issue, it would have to be Pari Dukovic’s portfolio of the fall shows. Incredible.

*My friend Sandra is actually going to New York for fashion week (jealous!) and I can’t wait to see the pictures she’ll take there. Here’s one of my favourites from recent months: Amanda Brooks in that great green Céline dress.

*She’ll probably run into the Courtin-Clarins girls a lot, who now have their very own beauty blog, too. And it’s really quite good.

*Backyard Bill keeps delivering, this time with these beautiful pictures of Hannah Dilworth.

*Every once in a while, The Sartorialist reminds me why he thinks he’s the best. It’s because of pictures like this one.

*“A woman could pick up a flamingo at the store and come home with a piece of tropical elegance under her arm to change her humdrum house.” Reading the history of the pink lawn flamingo is a good way of wasting 20 minutes of your day. (via go fug yourself)

*My favourite white shirt needs replacing. Which made me sad, until I saw this one at Mango that I might just have to get.

*I’ve been looking for a nice cosmetic bag for a while. Tine found it!

*”If you are a girl, you must only wear your newly dyed hair in one of two ways. Lazy or lazier.” This How To Look Like a Dane guide is very funny. And shockingly accurate.

*And here’s how to look good in Copenhagen when you’re not a Dane: Do it like Zanita.

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  1. Sandra Semburg
    Posted 27. August 2012 at 13:44 | Permalink

    a week in fashion is back ! I’m always looking forward to this post, nice links and thanks for letting me know about the Clarins girls …

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