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accidental shopping

By Marlene | Published: 9. September 2011

See, what I was really buying a couple of weeks ago were boots. Then how come a jacket arrived in my wardrobe, too? Well. The only explanation I can offer is that as I was paying for the shoes I realised that making another purchase would significantly lower the shipping costs (that calculation doesn’t make any sense to you? Who are you? My accountant?). So I got the jacket on the spur of the moment.

I’ve already returned the boots, they weren’t quite what I wanted after all. But the jacket, oh the jacket. It’s perfect. Very dark navy, cut from light wool, with dropped shoulders and a boy’s fit. I’ve been wearing it non-stop and been experimenting with casually tying a belt around the waist to give it a different silhouette. Although it turns out that the reason casually tied jackets look so great in magazines is that the model doesn’t move! While I figure out how to get this belt thing just right, what I just meant to say is this: Sometimes the best things in your wardrobe happen to be the ones you weren’t really looking for. Which incidentally might also be the reason why a white minidress ended up in my shopping bag recently when I really wanted to buy a t-shirt. I’ll have to try and explain that one another day…

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  1. Mel
    Posted 13. September 2011 at 10:26 | Permalink

    Am Besten gefällt mir der Mantel eh ohne Gürtel – in Kombi mit den Killer-Heels einfach nur toll!

    • Marlene
      Posted 13. September 2011 at 11:08 | Permalink

      Mir auch, denk ich. Und am allerbesten gefällt mir das Ganze, wenn ich in den Schuhen nur stehen und nicht laufen muss. Verdammte Absätze!

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