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By Marlene | Published: 10. October 2012

Whenever anybody would ask me for travel tips for Copenhagen, I had to secretly ask my friends there for help. I might be (half) Danish. But as much as I love Copenhagen, I hadn’t been to the city for more than a few days at a time since I was a teenager (and nobody ever asks me for tips on where to buy cheap beer). I finally couldn’t resist my memories of how great the summers in Copenhagen are any longer and so I went for a week in August. I came back with a ton of travel tips. Including some for places that serve beer. Before we get to those, I’ll start with one of my new favourite stores: B56.

The store is hidden in a courtyard on Bredgade and you could mistake it for somebody’s pretty little home. Once inside, you’ll feel like you’re round your girlfriend’s place, the one whose wardrobe you want to raid every time you visit. Which might have something to with the fact that B56 is run by one of the three enviably stylish bloggers who write Anywho. Stephanie picks pieces for the store that Copenhagen women like to decorate themselves with: gold-soled shoes from Stine Goya, jewellery from Sophie Bille Brahe, sweet dresses from Carin Wester, silk blouses from Wackerhaus. And quite a few other lovely things from the likes of Opening Ceremony, Peter Jensen and Basso & Brooke. Some labels in the store I’d never heard of. But that – apart from the ridiculously attentive shop assistants – is what I liked about it most: You’ll find things there that you didn’t know beforehand you never wanted to leave without.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you what I left the store with.

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