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a week in fashion #78

By Marlene | Published: 7. October 2012

*I’m away in Munich for a couple of weeks and since there was no room left in the suitcase because of – what else? – all the shoes, I only brought the jewellery I wore the day I left. A silver bracelet with blue stones that I bought as a teenager and that I was THIS close to selling at the flea market the other week until a friend thankfully intervened. A chain link bracelet given to me by my great-grandmother. My mom’s old watch. A braided ring that was a gift from my grandfather. And – the only piece that didn’t come from my family – a ring from I need more rings that I bought myself. It’s good to have these little things with me, things I feel connected to, when I’m away from home.

*Now, what would fashion be without a good old-fashioned brawl? Picking up their gloves this week: Cathy Horyn, New York Times critic, who wrote in a review that she hadn’t been invited to the Saint Laurent show in Paris, one of the most anticipated of the season, because she’d once negatively reviewed their new designer Hedi Slimane. And that, judging by the images she’d seen, she didn’t like what Slimane had done at Saint Laurent either…

*…to which he replied in an open letter so nasty I still think it’s a fake

*…after which Times of London editor Laura Craik came to Horyn’s aid and wrote a (nicely ironic) open letter to Slimane.

*I think round one goes to Horyn. Also: Is writing open letters a thing now? Whaddaya know, New York Magazine has the right template already.

*One of my favourite (menswear) stores just got a little better by going a little bigger. Soto has opened a new location on Torstraße in Berlin and added labels like Dries Van Noten and Barbour to their already great line-up. For those of you not in town: their website and online shop got a nice make-over, too.

*I want to be a woman who wears Odeeh. The colours, the prints, the shapes, the fabrics – I loved every little thing the label showed in their collection for spring/summer 2013. Here, have a look yourself.

*Another book to add to my constantly growing wishlist: “Tim Walker: Story Teller”. You can see more images from the book and read a short interview with him here.

*Top of my blogroll right now: The beauty of it is.

*And here’s the song that will get me ready for Monday: The Look – Metronomy.

Have a good week!

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