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fashion fatigue

By Marlene | Published: 6. February 2012

Time for new style column – that isn’t about style at all.

It was last Wednesday. Might’ve been Thursday. I was sitting on the couch, reading a magazine. “Slimming fashion” was the headline. I ate the last bite of my sandwich while I was looking at trousers that supposedly make you drop a dress size instantly. Then I put the magazine away, went to the bedroom and put on a pair of sweatpants. I did not instantly drop a dress size. I just looked like I felt: overworked, tired, unmotivated.

My reflection, that cow, said: This is really not ideal, darling. Don’t you want to make at least a little bit of an effort? No, I replied. Not today. Today, I don’t want to dress better than I feel. Today, you can shove your constant self-improvement. Don’t care, if my thighs would look thinner in a different pair of trousers. Or if sweatpants are “on trend” this season. I mean, have you looked outside lately? It’s storming, it’s snowing, it minus 10. I’m not in the mood for fashion. Not in the mood to consider, if pink or mint jeans will feel right this spring. And which exact length these jeans should be. Which red liptsick I should buy that best compliments my complexion. Or if I need a new model of glasses. The only question that concerns me right now: Why is cheese always better grated than sliced?

Today is Sunday. I’m still wearing my sweatpants. Except not with a tatty sweater, but with a denim shirt, high heels and my favourite red lipstick, “Lady Danger” from Mac. I needed a break. So that I could remember that I don’t really care, if “Lady Danger” is right for my complexion. I just like it. And it’ll go well with my new pink jeans. Or maybe a pair in mint? I might go and make another sandwich while I think about it…

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