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fashion week discovery: bags by PB 0110 ( )

By Marlene | Published: 20. January 2013

I will always be partial to the James Castle bags, of course. But here’s a new brand that caught my eye at the SEEK fair: PB 0110 ( ). The PB stands for Philipp Bree, the brand’s founder and formerly CEO of Bree. 0110 is his birthday. The brackets are open to interpretation. The bags and accessories are made from natural leather and were designed by three different designers, Ayzit Bostan stood for the women’s line. Her bags almost look like the antidote to an It Bag: simple, classic, yet very chic in neutral colours and with fine gold details. How much do I covet the navy shopper? Very much. PB 0110 ( ) will be available from May. Which means that I should start saving now. With prices starting at 500 Euro they are definitely in the It Bag league. But I also think they’re going to last you longer than a couple of seasons. Probably forever.

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