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ari, one year later

By Marlene | Published: 19. January 2013

Exactly this time last year I was stalking Ari around fashion week. I didn’t really know her then, but she really stood out in her jacket and I desperately wanted to take her picture. We were never in the same place for long enough, so it never happened.

And then she suddenly stood in front of me again in that jacket earlier today, just before the final show of this fashion week. I now know her well enough to feel that I can grab her and drag her out into the cold, so that’s what I did and here – finally! – is the picture I’ve been wanting to show you for a year: Ari in her amazing Isabel Marant fur monster. That’s what she calls it: the fur monster. Which is exactly what you want on your side against this awful cold. Especially when it’s such a good-looking monster. Or, putting it differently: a jacket that still looks great a year later.

P.S. On our little walk through the snow, Ari and I were chatting about how neither of us smile much in pictures. We couldn’t quite figure out why. So I hope you don’t mind, Ari, that I decided to include a picture of you smiling anyway. Because I think you look lovely when you do.

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