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ari, one year later

By Marlene | Published: 19. January 2013
Exactly this time last year I was stalking Ari around fashion week. I didn't really know her then, but she really stood out in her jacket and I desperately wanted to take her picture. We were never in the same place for long enough, so it never happened. And then she suddenly stood in front of me again in that jacket earlier today, just before the final [...]

thin lizzy

By Marlene | Published: 31. October 2012
I think we can call it a fact that men often see women's fashion a little differently than the woman had intended. I thought a zipped pouch would make for an original evening bag. A friend's brother asked me why I was taking files to my accountant so late. I thought the white blouse with a big bow was "very Chloé". My date thought of his great aunt. Every [...]
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By Marlene | Published: 19. June 2012
Resolution for the weekend next week sometime soon: Clean up my wardrobe. I mean: clean out. I've lost track of its contents a little bit lately, which means that I've been wearing a lot of the same clothes every day and I'm starting to get bored with myself. Plus, after interviewing a professional declutterer today ("Try on every piece in your wardrobe and [...]