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By Marlene | Published: 6. August 2011

James already wrote about his favourite men’s magazine, PORT. Here’s my favourite women’s magazine: The Gentlewoman. (Although the great thing about both of them is that they’re simply good magazines, not just for their target audience)

The Gentlewoman isn’t new. Even this issue has been out for months. But it’s one that I keep going back to, looking at the fashion spreads again, reading a story that I hadn’t gotten round to, thinking every time: This is so smart and well-written and beautifully put together, it makes me swoon. It’s impossible to pick just one favourite story (the feature about Adele, the story about women’s morning rituals, the fashion spread about backless dresses…), but this one about dancing puts me in a better mood every time I look at it.

So before the next issue comes out, which should be soon, go and buy this one.

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  1. sidsel
    Posted 14. August 2011 at 04:38 | Permalink

    i just love adele’s eyebrows!! how and where to get something like that?

  2. Marlene
    Posted 15. August 2011 at 14:19 | Permalink

    I could be making this up, but: from an eyebrow stylist?

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