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june in january

By Marlene | Published: 16. January 2011

My biggest problem with January: it’s not June. Yet the clothes hanging in the stores now are all made for June. So what? So: I get impatient. I don’t want to wear thick jumpers and long cardigans anymore. I would like it to be warm enough to be able to wear this shirt that I bought in Topshop over Christmas.

It was hanging between thick jumpers and long cardigans, which is probably why I noticed it straight away. I almost didn’t buy it anyway. A white shirt? Did I really come to London for that? Shouldn’t I get something a little more exciting? But when I walked past it for the third time, it became clear: I did come to London for that. Because I had actually been looking for a basic white silk shirt for a long time. One that’s not as plain as a white t-shirt, but not as neat as a silk blouse. One that I could wear with almost anything and which I would wear a lot because of that.

When I came home I bought a second one, this one from Acne and not so basic: my “Hawaii shirt” for the summer.

Until then I will wear both shirts anyway – under a coat.

Silk shirt from Topshop
“Amon” shirt with flower print from Acne

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