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By James | Published: 8. March 2011

When it comes to shoes, men can’t compete. It’s hard to imagine me wearing a pair of shoes as bold as Marlene’s Prada pumps without feeling I would look like a clown (I’m talking about the pattern only, not the heels. I never imagine myself in high heels). Men just look better in classic shoes.

But then there is Mr. Hare. Two years ago his debut collection featured a pair of brogues in stingray leather and my expectations for men’s shoes haven’t been the same since. The shapes are modern yet uncomplicated, looking classic enough to suit any man (with the necessary funds). The fine details and clever mix of colours and textures distinguish them from any other shoe brand.

The current SS 2011 collection’s stand-out styles feature shrunken goat, eel and salmon leathers. My personal favorite are the tan Zukies (pictured), although I would be equally happy wearing the Eel Camus. Or Onyx Soirs. Or any other pair from the collection.

A few of Mr. Hare’s styles are now availabe on Mr Porter.

Picture: Mr. Hare

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