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not clowning around

By James | Published: 15. October 2012

With the exception of the check shirt, a lot of men stay well clear of pattern with their clothing. I think many have the feeling that it’s too flamboyant, too full of pitfalls to try out. Especially now that neckties are worn less often it’s possible to avoid pattern completely if you want to. Men look great in a plain shirt with chinos, a navy blazer worn over top, so why rock the boat?

But then that is a little boring, isn’t it? The biggest problem to overcome is not one of style, but association. Try not to think of the loud-mouthed, attention-seeking party animal in his Hawaiian shirt. Or the bore in his kitch tie that will tell anyone who will listen that he’s a bit wacky (we’ve all met him, right?). There are so many great floral, paisley, or polka dot prints, like this one, out there at the moment. They all look great with the same chinos and navy blazer, but add a little flair. If you’re worried about looking like a clown, keep the pattern small, like I have here, for a sleek and elegant look.

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