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By Marlene | Published: 30. June 2014


I was almost certain that I’d manage to keep to the list my midwife gave me of the necessary baby clothes. After all, the little ones grow faster than you can say „You’re not old enough to drink yet!”. But then I spotted a denim overall at Baby Gap and basically lost all control.

On the one hand it’s silly to spend a lot of money on this stuff (I repeat: the little ones grow faster than you can say „You’re not old enough to drink yet!”). On the other hand: teeny tiny shoes and hats and jackets are sooooo cute! I’m sure I’ll start buying more second hand and less of the things that can only be washed at 30 degrees soon enough. Until then our son will be dressed better than I am. And I’ll always have an answer to the question: What would you like as a present for him? Because all of these beautiful things make great gifts.

These are the (online)stores that I like shopping in for Arlo. Especially at the moment as the Sale is on. Yes, that excuse works at every age.

| Smallable I’ll take one of everything this shop has to offer in clothes, furniture and toys, thanks. If I had to limit myself, which I do, I’d go for the designs from Numero 74. The grey towel won’t make Arlo enjoy being dried after bathing any more than any other towel. But he looks even cuter complaining when he’s wrapped up in it.

| Sprösslinge Design. Unfortunately this Hamburg store isn’t right around the corner from me. Fortunately it has an online shop. Favourite buys: swaddle cloths from Fresk and Sebra.

| Tiny Store Fortunately, this Berlin store is right around the corner from me. Unfortunately it doesn’t have an online shop. Yet! Anne, the delightful owner, is working on it. The Tinycottons blanket I bought from her is Arlo’s everyday companion.

| Walking the Cat A darling selection of clothes from the darling owner Daria. Just bought in the Sale: a playsuit from Lötie Kids in – not grey, not blue – olive.

| Noé & Zoë Designs from this Berlin label are as cute as unusual and have pretty unbeatable prices. Every friend having a daughter will forever be getting something with the pink star print as a gift from me.

| Babyssimo One day, Arlo will decide to wear a Spiderman costume every day. As long as he can’t object to my taste in clothes, he’s wearing the super playsuit with elephants from Mini Rodini. Got it in the Sale together with a shirt from Gray Label and leggings from One more in the family. You can find a similarly pretty selection of clothes at Villa Smaland.

P.S. Completely unspectacular and extremly practical: the organic cotton clothes from Alana, which you can find at, of all places, DM.

Body from Mini Rodini via Tiny | Swaddles from Sebra via Sprösslinge Design | Top from Violeta + Federico via Winzig & Klein | Shorts from Zara Mini and Noé & Zoë | Hat from Zara Mini | Knit jacket from Arlo’s grandmother | Denim overall from Baby Gap | Socks from Happy Socks | Hat from Noé & Zoë | Playsuit from Le Marchand d’étoiles via Smallable | Slipper from Louis Louise


  1. Maria
    Posted 30. June 2014 at 22:15 | Permalink

    Gratulation zum Nachwuchs ersteinmal!
    Sehr nette Auswahl! Als mein Sohn noch kleiner war, konnte ich bei Serendipity Organics immer nicht widerstehen… Da müsste auch bald wieder Sale im Onlineshop sein 🙂
    Viele Grüße und gute Aneinandergewöhnungszeit,
    Maria, Mitleserin.

  2. sternenliebe
    Posted 2. July 2014 at 13:16 | Permalink

    Ohhh es gibt so viele süße Sachen für Babys – schlawenzele auch schon immer wieder in den Online Shops rum …Danke für die Empfehlungen, einige kannte ich, andere sind neu… und wohl langfristig auch mein Ruin. Bei Noe & Zoe ist gerade Sale und musste schon ordentlich zuschlagen – die Sachen mit pinken Sternen haben’s mir angetan und sind klick klick klick in den Warenkorb gewandert … aber SALE – ich meine das is ja dann auch irgendwie vernünftig. 😉

    Viel Freude weiterhin an dem kleinen Schnucki – deine Posts zu lesen erhöht noch meine Vorfreude aufs eigene Würmchen. Freue mich sehr für Euch und über deine schönen Artikel.

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