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By James | Published: 24. February 2012

I designed the original gold clutch for Marlene. She wanted a bag to take with her on nights out, so I started by thinking about what she might normally take with her. Only after I had worked out what size the bag needed to be did I start thinking about how the bag would look. The final stage was selecting the leather and we both decided that gold was the perfect colour for her.

But, of course, not the perfect colour for everyone. I have now made the bag in various different colours because so many people have had different ideas about what they’d like, and what outfits they’d wear with the bag. What I didn’t really consider was that not every woman carries the same things out with her (women – the mystery never ends…)

When I was asked by a customer if I could make a smaller version of the clutch I happily said yes, and I am really pleased with how this mini model worked out. The silver looks great, too.

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