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the impeccable v-neck

By Marlene | Published: 18. October 2013
If you're like me, you can't always resist the pull of the Zara „trend pieces”. They're quick to buy, fun, and they never last longer than a season (I've got fringed boots, tie-dyed jeans and peasant blouses in my closet to prove it). But going to Zara for a classic? Not so much. Until I found this pullover in their online shop. It has the perfect deep [...]

oh lala

By Marlene | Published: 18. September 2013
As I'm refusing to store away my summer wardrobe and unpack my winter stuff, I'm wearing some amusing outfits at the moment. Today for instance I've got open-toed sandals on my feet, yet a scarf around my neck. Perhaps that way only my feet will catch a cold? Yeah right. Anyway, the scarf is a recent buy. I'd been flirting with a piece of cashmere from Lala [...]