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oh lala

By Marlene | Published: 18. September 2013
As I'm refusing to store away my summer wardrobe and unpack my winter stuff, I'm wearing some amusing outfits at the moment. Today for instance I've got open-toed sandals on my feet, yet a scarf around my neck. Perhaps that way only my feet will catch a cold? Yeah right. Anyway, the scarf is a recent buy. I'd been flirting with a piece of cashmere from Lala [...]

a gift from paris

By James | Published: 14. October 2011
I was a just little jealous, reading Marlene's updates from Paris whilst I remained at home. That was soon forgotten when she got home though, especially as she bought me a present. And she really is good at buying presents, too. I love this scarf she picked out for me, which is one big loop that can be wrapped around your neck once, twice, or even (as the [...]
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