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dressing danishly

By Marlene | Published: 26. October 2016
I took Arlo to see my mum and dad at their summerhouse in Denmark this August and got to spend a day by myself in Copenhagen (thank you, grandparents!). Copenhagen at least once a year – I wonder if I could convince my GP to write me a prescription. A visit to the city feels like going on a retreat to me. It’s instantly relaxing to walk through town, even [...]

something to save for | kinraden jewelry

By Marlene | Published: 4. January 2016
Happy New Year! And a belated cheers to a 2016 filled with joy and happiness. I spent the holidays with my boys in the English countryside, which was blissfully uneventful. We ate lots, we slept lots, then we ate some more, then we slept some more, and did I mention that we ate? Lots. Waking up this morning in Berlin was a bit of a shock. We all stumbled [...]

the jewellery of zarah voigt

By Marlene | Published: 13. February 2013
I discovered the jewellery of Zarah Voigt a few years ago through my friend Sidsel, who owns a pair of incredible plexiglas earings from Zarah. I got the chance to look at her latest collection Moon Ray when I went to Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago and, just like her other designs, it's something pretty special. The necklaces, earrings and rings, which [...]

a bit of bling

By Marlene | Published: 2. November 2012
Getting ready for Friday night with a bit of bling, my new Anthropologie earrings from New York. Love how a little thing like that can get you in the right mood for going out. Enjoy your weekend! (more…)

bigger is better

By Marlene | Published: 12. March 2012
Okka is sick this week (hope you feel better soon, love!), so my regular Monday style column on Slomo is taking a break. Instead let me show you my favourite buy from the Marni at H&M collection: these earrings. They're HUGE. They're completely unlike me. But aren't they gorgeous? I just couldn't help myself, like a magpie in front of a jewellery box. Now [...]