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By Marlene | Published: 26. October 2016


I took Arlo to see my mum and dad at their summerhouse in Denmark this August and got to spend a day by myself in Copenhagen (thank you, grandparents!). Copenhagen at least once a year – I wonder if I could convince my GP to write me a prescription. A visit to the city feels like going on a retreat to me. It’s instantly relaxing to walk through town, even if I want to see so much in day that I’m almost running. This time, I stopped at the Designmuseum Danmark and considered how to win the lottery so that I can furnish our new place exactly like The Apartment.

But, like every time, what I found most inspiring were the locals. I wish I could come up with words other than reserved, clean and precise to describe the style, because those words are so overused. But they’re also so fitting. The women wear clothes that will be comfortable when cycling in the city but not so sporty that you’d mistake them for bike messengers. Their look meets somewhere at the intersection of simple and experimental, with a dash of bold details. A tracksuit top – but worn with a gigantic pair of Céline sunglasses. A neat pantsuit with a double-breasted jacket – but with messy hair. An all-black ensemble – but with bright trainers. „What would the Danish do?“ is a question I will ask myself again more when my clothes are no longer packed into moving boxes (which will approximately be in January… 2018).

It’s almost as if Skagen knew about my unreserved affection for Danish style when they sent me an email a few months back, asking if I’d be interested in a long-term collaboration. The deal: pick out pieces that I like from current collections and share them with you here. Which turned out to be even easier than I thought, as the style of many of their watches, leather accessories and jewelry is quite after my taste. Starting with the special collection designed by artist Miranda Watkins, a Brit who, much like the Danish, is interested in simple perfection. The collection consists of ear studs, bracelet and necklace, for which Watkins had the prototypes made by Swiss watchmakers because she wanted the cut to be very precise. The jewelry is supposed to be so unobstructive that you hardly feel it lying against your skin. Although you don’t even need to know that to appreciate the attention to detail that’s plainly evident in the pieces. They’re special without demanding attention.

When I tried the collection on, I was most drawn to the ear buds. I wore them, very boldly I thought, both in the same ear. And imagined that, surely, a Copenhagen local would have done it exactly the same way.






In collaboration with Skagen








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