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fashion’s night out giveaway

By Marlene | Published: 31. August 2016
I forgot to mention one other thing in my previous post that I’ve learnt to excel at as a mother: Online shopping. It has the advantage that 1) online shops are never closed, 2) you can’t lose your kid in an online shop and therefore won’t have to crawl around the store, trying to make out a pair of size 23 trainers running away from you between clothes [...]

the christmas giveaway

By Marlene | Published: 14. December 2015
Do you have all of your Christmas presents yet? I hope not. Because I did the shopping for you this year. It was easy, because I only picked things that I’d like to find underneath the tree myself. Then I called some Christmas elves who very generously helped get everything that I wanted. And now you can win the lot. So even if you’ve already bought all [...]

win! overall from bobo choses

By Marlene | Published: 2. April 2015
If all goes according to plan, I will mostly spend Easter doing: a whole lot of nothing, snuggling with my two bunnies, watching kitschy movies and eating an unholy amount of hot cross buns. And playing Easter bunny for you! Together with Smallable I’m giving away the „Petit Monster“ overall from Bobo Choses, one of my favourites for Arlo. All you [...]

wish list! mia abadi from prag agency

By Marlene | Published: 2. December 2014
I should’ve known that I’d want to add everything from Mia’s wish list for Christmas to my own. Mia is one of those women who you constantly want to ask „where’d you get that from?“, because she always looks so impeccably put together. She can answer that question with „from my own shop“ since the beginning of this year when she opened Prag [...]

wish list! laura huppert from ting

By Marlene | Published: 26. November 2014
It’s impossible to visit Laura’s shop and leave without buying something. I’ve tried and failed. Many times. But there’s nowhere I’d rather give up on my resolution not to shop than Ting. The name means „to pause“ in Chinese and in Danish it simply stands for „things“. Everything Laura finds in, of course, Scandinavia and Asia is just beautiful. [...]