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the lbd

By Marlene | Published: 1. July 2016
There’s good reason the little black dress is considered a classic. It’s such a timeless look that you can play with it and make it completely your own. Like Madeleine and Kathrin, who I caught on their way to the Vogue cocktail. Neither of whom are actually wearing a LBD, but rather a modern update – a midi-length dress on Madeleine and top, skirt and [...]

little black summer dress

By Marlene | Published: 17. July 2013
27 degrees and sunny – that's the weather forecast for Berlin today. This is the little black summer dress that's perfect for just such a day. Light, breezy, really just a big shirt, but spruced up – ha! – with an oversized clutch and some cool kicks. Cheers for the inspiration, Sophia. Have a lovely day!

the other woman

By Marlene | Published: 27. March 2013
Lately I've been trying to change my buying habits, especially after the big closet clean out at the beginning of the year. Shopping, when I do, for things that I will get a lot out of. A good quality silk shirt. A classic coat. A blazer that works with everything. Pieces for seven days a week. Extravagant mostly in that I will want to wear them too much. This [...]

basics from bruuns bazaar

By Marlene | Published: 15. February 2013
After my post about the black skirt, Christiane asked me if I could suggest other good labels for affordable basics to her. Who knows why I didn't hink of Bruuns Bazaar right away. In fact, it's not one of those labels that immediately comes to mind when you're thinking "shopping!", but one where you'll often end up finding those things you're always looking [...]