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the glow

By Marlene | Published: 8. May 2014
A couple of months ago James asked me if I enjoyed being pregnant. I was confused why he’d think that I didn't. Well, he said, I talked a lot about how uncomfortable I felt, moaned about the dark circles under my eyes, complained that I didn’t fit into any of my clothes anymore and how much weight I had gained. He thought that was strange. Because what [...]

oh baby

By Marlene | Published: 23. January 2014
How do I begin? Perhaps with this: two lines instead of one. Pregnant! Two lines, as unambiguous as the idea of pregnancy had seemed confusing beforehand. Two lines that were unexpected, baffling, euphoria-inducing and most of all – wonderful. Two lines like big fat exclamation marks. Which were followed by quite a few questions. No question about it, [...]