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summer beauty: lipsticks

By Marlene | Published: 24. June 2013
Spruced_SummerBeauty_Lipsticks After I shared my summer essentials last week, I started wondering about my state of mind. Bikini: black. T-shirt: white. Sandals: grey. And I didn't even show you my favourite dress (black), jeans (white) and shirt (take a wild guess). Did I lose my color perception in the long winter? If I had, I wouldn't have fallen so madly for my new suede shopper in [...]

a week in fashion #80

By Marlene | Published: 4. November 2012
Spruced_Awif80_UsluAirlines_SIB *It's like Mary read my mind when she came up with this colour for the Uslu Airlines x Stil in Berlin lipstick, a deep oxblood (just another name for burgundy - as the laws of fashion dictate that colours get renamed every season). The colour looks a bit Morticia Addams like this, but great when you put it on and as dramatic as its name. You can find the [...]