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By Marlene | Published: 19. July 2012
May I introduce you to "My own summer"? It was love at first sight for me (and not just because the actual summer is proving rather elusive at the moment). The ring is from a collection by two Berlin designers, who turned a good idea - couldn't an old curb chain necklace also work as a pretty ring? - into a jewelry line. It's called, another good idea, I [...]
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to a tee

By Marlene | Published: 16. July 2012
The style column got a bit of a makeover. Starting today, Okka will ask me a style question every week that I will try to answer in a way that'll make me look like a total expert. You can read our Q&As on Slomo. And in English right here. And here's her first question... Okka: Not sure how long I've been searching for the perfect t-shirt, probably [...]
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a week in fashion #73

By Marlene | Published: 15. July 2012
Why would you fly to Italy for 24 hours only? To look at how Max Mara make coats. Which is what I did this week and, oh my, I would've walked straight out of the factory in one of their "101801" coats - a deceptively non-descript name for a pretty amazing garment - if I thought I would've stood a chance at getting past security. I also got a tour of the company [...]
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By James | Published: 13. July 2012
Drum roll, please! I have a new website! Of course I will carry on sharing the things I'm working on here, but I also now have a website to better showcase my work (and to make buying my designs even easier). If you have been thinking about a made-to-measure jacket, or a hand-sewn bag, or anything else you might want for your closet, why not take a look [...]