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a month in fashion (and other stuff) #2

By Marlene | Published: 12. February 2015


February – the month I wouldn’t mind skipping every year. The one thing I enjoy about it is that it only has 28 days. Here are some nice things to fill the rest of them with, beginning with the ones in the picture.

| Fresh flowers. This time of year: tulips, anemones and always, always, always irises.

| The brass push bowls from Fundamental Berlin are as beautiful as the jewellery (and more beautiful than the car keys) you can keep in them. Also available in copper and platinum.

| I don’t mind spending more on scented candles when they smell as amazing as the „Hot“ candle from Karmameju. I’m also a big fan of their „Calm Balm“ for adults and little Arlos.

| The Store at Soho House Berlin is now open. And I’ve decided to move in. Beautiful space, great atmosphere, delicious food, plus nail parlour and hair salon. Most of the fashion is a liiiiittle out of my price range (although that won’t stop me fantasizing about a coat from The Row, a dress from Rosetta Getty, jeans from 3×1…) But everything else – books, stationery, candles, beauty products, tableware – is just as covetable. I was thrilled to find goe oil there, which I’d been wanting to test for ages. Result: it lives up to the hype and smells incredible – like baby powder for men.

| Lip Color from Bobbi Brown in „Pale Pink“ is the perfect natural lipstick. Fact.

| What a life! Betty Halbreich, personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman for more than 40 years, tells all in her glorious memoir „I’ll Drink To That“. Read it before Lena Dunham turns it into her next TV show.

| I usually delete emails from The Outnet right away. They’re too tempting. Last week I didn’t. And you know what? It was too tempting! My index finger had hit „buy“ on a pair of Proenza Schouler flats before I even knew it was happening. In my index finger’s defense: they were a bargain. And in my defense: I love them.

| I’d been thinking about buying a pair of D’Orsay flats for a while before chancing upon the Proenza Schouler ones. Here are some others I like: from Vince, from Jenni Kayne, from Mango and especially these mules from Whistles.

| And speaking of Jenni Kayne: I enjoy her blog Rip + Tan.

| „How to boil an egg“ by The Rose Bakery is a cookbook I need (via Makers & Brothers).

| I also very much need this notebook from Brosbi.

| Yes to jewellery from Another Feather.

| And yes again to the beautiful new bridal collection from Thone Negrón.

| „This Oscar came as my fifth nomination, so it was nice to finally get up and show the bottom part of my dress.“ Susan Sarandon is a delight. So is the entire series in the Guardian of Oscar winners like Juliette Binoche, Steve McQueen and Angela Lansbury recalling their big win.

| I wish I could remember who first posted a link to this story, so that I could give credit. Alas, here are photographer Terry O’Neill’s memories of his famous morning after the Oscars picture of Faye Dunaway and other star-making moments.

| Why does artist Sarah Illenberger keep making work that I want? These prints of flowers as fireworks are unbelievably good.

| Looking for Beni Ouarain rugs? Swedish design shop Artilleriet might just have the best ones.

| A card case from PB0110 could finally convince me to clear out my wallet and carry no more than a bank card and change.

| If I don’t see the Mario Testino: In Your Face exhibition at the Berliner Kulturforum this month, I’ve got at least until the end of July to do it.

| Everyone’s been talking about Joan Didion in the latest Céline campain. What’s even more amazing to me than an octogenarian fashion model is that Joan’s packing list from 1979 is still so timely. I’m on board with all of it, especially the bourbon.

| The artistry involved in making Chanel haute couture has to be seen to be believed.

| After Okka got me hooked on the AOL documentary series about the New York City Ballet, I asked her if she fancied going to the ballet together. Because I hadn’t been in over 15 years. Because I foud out that prima ballerina Polina Semionova would return to the Staatsballett Berlin for a few guest performances. Because the nights when either Okka or I don’t collapse on the couch after putting the kids to bed, are so rare. We didn’t sit very close to the stage, but you could feel the energy and grace of the dancers radiating all the way to the gallery. I must’ve had goosebumps for almost three hours straight. The entire ensemble was incredible. But, oh my, Polina Semionova. How is it possible to make something so incredibly hard as en pointe dancing look so easy? It’s a though she floats across the stage, carried only by pure joy. If you are in Berlin in the next few months – go see her! If you’re not, this hour-long documentary about her is worth watching. As is the BBC series Agony and Ecstasy: A Year with English National Ballet. The choreographer in part I confirms everything I believe to be true about the ballet.


  1. natalia | miliaink
    Posted 13. February 2015 at 17:31 | Permalink

    Alle Tipps und Empfehlungen sind ausnahmslos grandios, liebe Marlene! Ich verehre Polina ebenso und werde beim nächsten Berlin Besuch ganz bestimmt einen Abstecher ins “the store” wagen 😉 Danke und liebe Grüße, Natalia

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