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a week in fashion #7

By Marlene | Published: 25. February 2011

*Seeing Lykke Li’s performance at the Allude show at Berlin Fashion Week was better than anything that followed on the catwalk. Better yet? You can stream her new album “Wounded Rhymes” on the New York Magazine website before it’s official release date. “I Follow Rivers” is my favourite.

[dailymotion width=”540″ height=”305″]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xgs82u_lykke-li-i-follow-rivers-director-tarik-saleh_music[/dailymotion]

*Almost as good and much more entertaining than being in London, Milan, Paris for the shows: Michael Hogan’s hysterical fashion week tweets. Sample: “80s revival at D&G. Colourful projections on catwalk. Aroma of mass unemployment. Models styled as striking miners. HILAIRE”

*Wore my sunglasses for the first time this year, which made me feel like summer’s just around the corner. This is the style I want to be wearing come June.

*And while I can’t wait for summer to come, I’m already excited about what Acne showed for autumn/winter, espcially about Look 5.

*Just amazing: The re-discovered street photographs taken by Vivian Maier.

*I have another explanation for why I like wearing my boyfriend’s clothes than the one Rebecca Casati found in her article about partner looks: They look nice. (article in German)

*And just in case you’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon: The Jil Sander show goes live tomorrow at 2:15pm on jilsander.com

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