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seeing red

By Marlene | Published: 3. March 2011

If I had to pick the most exciting colour from my closet, I would probably say: gray. I’ll wear beige too, but only when I’m feeling really risky. At least that’s how it was until James made me a pair of red trousers last year. Ever since then I’ve started looking at red as a wardrobe staple. You know, as in “red is the new black”. Although red is of course a bit more interesting than black. Wearing a bright bag with something plain (say, in gray or beige) will make me feel much more put-together. Same as wearing a red lipstick, especially when it has a name like “Lady Danger”. It would be humanly impossible not to feel better wearing a lipstick with that name. Also: I’m generally lazy, so it suits me fine that putting on something red doesn’t require a whole lot of effort, because even a little bit of it will be instantly noticable. I spent about half an hour trying on sunglasses by Swedish company Triwa at Bread & Butter: They all have red tips at the temples. Lovely idea.

What I didn’t think would be as easy would be pulling off an all-red outfit like the incredible one that Vanessa Traina wears in the new Maje campaign. But then I tried on a fire engine red jumpsuit – and it worked. I don’t think this love affair will end soon, because I’m already fantasizing about this Dries Van Noten coat for fall.

The only thing I will not do is dye my hair red. I don’t care how beautiful it looked on the girls at Kaviar Gauche. I did it once (I was 15, Henna was cheap). And I have the pictures to remind me never ever to do that again.

Model at Kaviar Gauche
Model at Mongrels in Common and Mac lipstick in “Lady Danger”
Clutch from Cos
Trousers by James Castle and Vanessa Traina in Maje
Sunglasses from Triwa

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