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a week in fashion #70

By Marlene | Published: 27. May 2012

Sitting in the sun, eating ice cream, drinking punch and getting tipsy right in the middle of the afternoon – it was that kind of wonderful weekend. And here’s some good stuff from the rest of the week:

*I have a few thoughts on the trailer for The Great Gatsby. One: That movie is going to be spectacular. Two: Or terrible. Three: Either way, it’s going to be incredibly good-looking. Four: I want to read the book again. Five: I want to watch Baz Luhrmann’s “Strictly Ballroom” again (Have you seen it? It’s magnificent). Six: Why is Leonardo DiCaprio always squinting? Seven: I mean, really, WHY?

*Guy takes pictures of other guys with skateboards, posts them on a blog, calls the blog The Skartorialist. That’s totally rad.

*Just in case you get invited to a yacht this summer, Vulture has a few handy tips. How to behave on a yacht, lesson 1: You lose your shoes a lot of the time. Just take somebody else’s.

*American Beauty is a book on my wishlist. Add Ivy League to that list, too.

*I secretly enjoy Gwyneth Paltrow’s newsletter Goop anyway. But I do wish Max Greenfield (you know, from “New Girl”) would guest-write it more often, because of things like this on his Ten Best List: “Clooney’s house in Como. Can’t mess with a classic. Haven’t been yet.”

*I adore Tabitha Simmons and her shoe collection. So does the Coveteur.

*You know you’ve been waiting all week to read the New York Times report on maiters (male model waiters).

Have a good week!

P.S. The rather amazing sunglasses in the picture are Ari’s and from Lunettes.

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  1. katy
    Posted 28. May 2012 at 01:28 | Permalink

    “strictly ballroom” ist der hammer! der film ist viel zu unbekannt! unbedingt wieder gucken …love is in the air… 🙂

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