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hello, miss petersen

By Marlene | Published: 25. May 2012

I took some pictures of the lovely Melanie last week in the blazer James made for her (Why, you might wonder? Well, it’s for James’s new website and online shop. Coming soon!)

But right now I want to tell you about Melanie’s own label and online shop: Hello Petersen, where she sells “delightful things for everyday”. Now, first of all, who doesn’t want more delight in their day-to-day life? I know I do. Secondly, I really admire when people turn their passion into a living, in Melanie’s case: taking her love for hand-crafted products and creating a collection of things for others to love around it. It takes guts to say: Know what? I’m going to do something that makes me happy. Thirdly: It would make me very happy to own one of the cushions she’s making from old denim. The cushions – which you can have made from your very own old jeans – are the first product in her shop and she’s going to add more over time, like knitwear and ceramics. So keep visiting to say “Hello Petersen” (did I really have to make that joke? Yes, I did!)

Have a good weekend!

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