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a week in fashion #72

By Marlene | Published: 1. July 2012

Last week ended with the question: Can I wear white to a wedding when I’m not the bride (but have got absolutely nothing else to wear)? After a resounding NO on facebook and some sartorial help from my friends, I wore a tux instead – the dresscode was “black tie” – and spent the weekend at a wedding in Norway, celebrating the lovely couple, drinking buckets of champagne and feeling pretty grateful to have listened to facebook and my friends’ advice. Here are some other things I picked up this week:

*So maybe these bomber jackets from Burberry are supposed to be for men. Don’t care. They’re so shiny and pretty. I want one!

*I have no idea why, but this picture of Victoria Beckham combing her “Muscle Man Marc” Marc Jacobs South Park doll (yes, there’s a Marc Jacobs South Park doll) gave me much joy.

*Speaking of Victoria Beckham: her former best buddies Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting a divorce. Like the Fug Girls said: “How could something so natural-looking go so wrong?” Ahem. Here’s their delicious review of Tomkat’s appearances on Go Fug Yourself.

*And speaking of the Fug Girls: they shared a link to the brilliant tumbr Football minus ball (which, after watching Germany-Italy, is perhaps a better way to play the game)

*The fact that Maison Martin Margiela is the next guest designer for H&M is probably old news. But I didn’t watch the beautifully done announcement videos until this week. Here’s the one for the ladies. And here’s the one for men.

*”I am finding it very hard, ladies and gentlemen, to live with myself after I discovered that somebody has suggested I might even be an icon of fashion. It has taken 64 bleeding years.” Who knew Prince Charles could be this funny?

*Absolutely in love with Cass Bird’s photography (and indeed with her name). She has a tumblr, too.

*Also in love with Look 10 from this preview of the Topshop Fall collection. Pencil Skirt, oversized jumper, heels – that’s what I want to wear come autumn (which is hopefully still a few months away).

*It doesn’t feel quite right to write about this alongside all this fun stuff. But maybe it does in a way. Nora Ephron died last week. The magnificent, warm, smart, stupendously talented and very, very funny Nora Ephron. Lena Dunham wrote a wonderful remembrance of her for the New Yorker. You can read it here. The New Yorker also posted some of Nora’s old pieces for the magazine, my favourite might be My Life as an Heiress. I’m going to spend some time in the next weeks reading her book “I Feel Bad About My Neck” again. And “I Remember Nothing”. Then I’ll watch “When Harry met Sally…”. And “Silkwood”. And “Heartburn”. And “Julie & Julia”. And… oh, damnit, I’m going to miss her voice so much.

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