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basics: the shirt dress

By Marlene | Published: 2. October 2015


Am I really going to admit how many times I hit ‘refresh’ until this shirt (dress) from Rika was finally – finally! – available in the onlineshop? So many times that I started to wonder if it was really going to be worth it or if I was merely talking myself into loving it. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d gotten set on a piece that ended up being a total setup (I’m looking at you, suede leather floppy hat that I thought would give me a certain Carine Roitfeld je ne sais quoi) (!). But when I put the shirt on for the first time, I knew I’d found a winner.

So much so that I immediately started pulling everything from my closet that I could wear it with. Because I’d honestly like to wear it every day. As I’m pretending it’s still summer, it’s with bare legs and white trainers at the moment. Once I’ll concede to autumn, it’ll be with Chelsea boots and a thick woolly polo-neck. Although it might also look good over a thin polo-neck. Or over slim jeans. Or a bikini. Or under a knee-length wrap skirt. Or… well, even on the days when I’m not wearing it, it’s on a peg next to my wardrobe, so that I can better admire it – the gorgeous fabric, the cool mullet hem, the heart stitch. Feels good to find one of those pieces you look at and know: you and I, we’ll stay together.





‘Alba’ shirt dress via Rika Studios or Moise Store

Trainers from H&M

Sunglasses from Ace & Tate

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  1. Franziska
    Posted 29. December 2015 at 15:51 | Permalink

    Liebe Marlene,
    kannst du mir verraten wie gr0ß die Bluse ausfällt bzw ob sie durch den Oversizeschnitt eine Nummer größer ausfällt?

    Liebe Grüße

    • Marlene
      Posted 30. December 2015 at 14:43 | Permalink

      Liebe Franziska, ich trag sie hier in M und normalerweise eine Größe 38. Allerdings wollte ich sie auch eher als Hemdkleid. Sie ist schon grosszügig geschnitten, entspricht aber Norm. Hoffe, das hilft! Liebe Grüße zurück

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