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By Marlene | Published: 14. March 2015


Should I even try to write anything or should I just let the pictures speak for themselves?

I mean, anyone can see that Ruby Barber has the nicest workplace in the world, or at least in all of Berlin. So what’s the point in describing that she creates bouquets that are so stunning I’d only repeat myself in saying: „They’re beautiful. Sooooo beautiful. So BEAUTIFUL. Just beautiful.“ But it’s worth writing a few more words about her anyway. Because what’s also beautiful is how Ruby Barber became what she is today.


When Ruby still lived in her hometown Sydney, she started going to the flower markets to source blooms for herself. Soon enough, friends started asking if she’d do the same for them. Her hobby turned into a pursuit and, after refining her skills with florists in Sydney and New York, into her own business: Mary Lennox, named after the orphan in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s „The Secret Garden“ whose passion for gardening nurtures her into a beautiful girl (which, sigh). Ruby never had much of a business plan. Not even business cards for the first couple of years. Which is obviously not the type of advice you’d get in a career center. But makes a great case for trusting your passion.

You can tell Ruby loves her job from seeing her work. She lets the flowers she uses be wild, natural and brings out, I’m repeating myself, their beauty. There’s nothing overdone about them, no baby’s breath or ornamental gras used as filler, the loveliness is in the pure abundance. Her love surely helps her get up at 4am to go to the flower market for the day’s shopping: always seasonal and gladly from local farms (by the way, if you know of any growers in or around Berlin, drop her a line, she’s always looking). These days, she’s supported by her two employees, Olivia and Paola. When Ruby first arrived in Berlin three years ago, she didn’t really know anyone apart from her boyfriend. She trusted her instincts once again, set up shop by herself in a studio in Lichtenberg rather than work for someone else, and sent out small bunches of blooms to people she admired. That got the attention of the team behind The Store x Soho House, where she’s now selling her flowers as well as looking after the potted plants and kitchen herbs.


So how much do these fresh cuts cost? However much you want. You name the budget, Ruby picks out something suitable. You can also order flowers for events, weddings and other occasions from her. Or get a little bit of Mary Lennox for your balcony and garden: she has 33 different flower seed packets available as well as four collection boxes, The Green Juice Mix, The Heirloom Tomato Mix, The Birds and the Bees und The Mary Lennox Bouquet.

Mary Lennox is open most weekdays at The Store x Soho House and always available for orders through the website. Ruby’s Instagram is, obviously, very beautiful.











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  1. Steffi
    Posted 14. March 2015 at 18:06 | Permalink

    Oh bitte ein Mal alle! Plus das Avocadobrot & dich! Ganz toller Beitrag! Dicke Küsse!

    • Marlene
      Posted 15. March 2015 at 09:58 | Permalink

      Ich mach Dir ein kleines Paket fertig! Noch besser: Du kommst bald wieder nach Berlin… Kuss!

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