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By Marlene | Published: 12. March 2015


Shop assistant: „You’re looking for white trainers, right?“
Me: „How do you know?“
Shop assistant: „Because you just stopped in front of a pair in the shop window.“
Me: „Right. So, yes, I’d like to try them.“
Shop assistant: „You know, everyone was asking for white trainers last year.“
Me: „What do you mean?“
Shop assistant (says nothing, goes to the back of the store and returns with the shoes): „Well, now we’ve got plenty of them.“

I’ve been thinking about what that guy was trying to tell me. That I completely missed the trend? By a whole year, for god’s sake! Surely, everyone else has stored their Stan Smiths away again. Or did he mean that my timing is perfect, as the trainers are now available? After all, it’s a special kind of misery to fall for a so-called it piece, only to discover that you can’t get in anywhere. Which obviously makes you want it only more. I’m predicting that around March 28 I will suddenly need a pair from the Pharrell Williams Adidas Supercolor collection. And it will be sold out in the one colour out of 50 that I want.

As for white trainers, I’ve decided to go with the third possibility: that I don’t care if I’m too late to be cool in them, or if it in fact makes most sense to only buy anticyclically to any trend. I’m gonna get myself a pair just because I feel like it right now. And aren’t white trainers so classic that you can wear them any time anyway? Right. Thought so.

Here are some favourites. Some of them are from mens collections. I have to get a size 41 more often than a 40 since my pregnancy and I’ve finally discovered an upside to this development: more choice when sneaker shopping!


| Eytys Mother in canvas (top picture).

| Vans SK8-Hi Reissue in leather (mens). The SK8-Hi in canvas from the women’s collection are very similar.

| Woman by Common Projects in leather.

| Tretorn Nylite in canvas.

| Adidas Originals Stan Smith in perforated leather.

| Veja Esplar in leather and canvas (mens).

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