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By Marlene | Published: 30. April 2012

It’s the new style column.

In light of current weather conditions – 25 degrees, sunshine, at least in Berlin – I’d like to make a confession: I don’t tan. I get freckles instead. Which I’m not complaining about. They’re quite pretty and by the end of August I usually have so many that you could mistake them for a light tan. But at the beginning of summer I wear sunglasses constantly so that I don’t go blind looking at my own legs. Sure, roasting in the sun isn’t good for the skin. And sunbeds are silly. Still, I don’t want to wait five months to finally get a bit of colour – only in time to wrap myself up again for winter. So I use self-tanner. There’s a massive number of them available that are massively awful. The most expensive one I ever used turned my skin into oak veener, most of the rest of them smell like air freshener. But I do like the self-tanning mousse from St. Tropez (no, it’s not cheap, yes, it’s worth the money). It smells fine, dries fast and leaves a nice colour. Although now the manufacturer has changed the formula and the mousse is suddenly white, so you can’t see where you’ve already applied it anymore. The idiocy of beauty companies of fiddling with products or discontinuing them altogether deserves it’s own column (you know what I’m talking about, Clinique!). And I’m not ready to give up St. Tropez, yet. But maybe you know of something better? Which self-tanner do you use?

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