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one-sided love

By Marlene | Published: 20. October 2015


„How often am I going to wear it?“

There she is again, the voice of reason in the dressing room. Wants to know if I can see myself wearing whatever it is I’m trying on for the next five years. Or if it’s only going to last one season. Or if it’s at all possible that I’ll never wear it again after paying for it.

Irritatingly, the voice, which seems to be getting louder the older I get, is often right. I probably would never have worn that piglet pink mohair sweater again. I only wore those corduroy bell bottoms for the three months the 1970s made a comeback. Instead, my wardrobe is more and more made up of pieces that will stay with me for a long time.

On the other hand: Shut up, dear voice. Yes, I might not wear this earring more than twice a year. That’s right, one earring. I realise that’s a trend, which probably means I will eventually find it incredibly silly. But right now I think it’s delightful, even though because it’s so unusual for me. Also… wait, why am I even arguing? It’s beautiful, I’m buying it.

A small imbalance that’s made my otherwise minimal and matchy wardrobe seem exciting again. Turns out, this earring makes black, i.e. 85 per cent of my clothes, in particular look a little more special. As I am still getting used to being only partially decorated, I sweep my hair over my naked ear or wear a small gold hoop as a complement. And when? How about on a regular Tuesday in October. Because: Why not?


Earring from Sophie Bille Brahe for Ganni, an altogether beautiful collection.


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