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By Marlene | Published: 16. January 2012

Back home. And back with a new style column.

It took me longer than usual to unpack this time. I could blame it on the jetlag. Or on the fact that our new neighbours decided to have their housewarming party this weekend (the note on the front door read: “Wanna get fucked up? 4th floor!” Yes, they’re 20. Yes, they have an appalling taste in music. Yes, I will have my revenge – with ABBA), which didn’t make me feel any less tired. I could even say that it was just too damn cold to want to do anything, except stay in bed with a warm water bottle on my belly, duvet over my head. But actually it was that after three weeks in Australia I couldn’t make myself unpack, because I wanted to be there for another three weeks – no matter how much I was looking forward to coming home.

When I couldn’t stand my melancholic whining – Why is it sooo cold? Why is it sooo dark? Why do our new neighbours have to like techno? – any longer and started untangling the layers from my suitcase, I went right back to the other side of the world. On top were the towels that we carried to every beach. Then came the new bikini. Then the denim cut-offs that I bought although I hadn’t ever considered owning a pair before coming to Australia. All it took was a day on the beach with towel, bikini and cut-offs to fall in love with the Aussie style, which is not unlike like the people there: Uncomplicated. Relaxed. Charmingly trashy. At least until it gets dark. I’ve never seen so many well-dressed women as in one night in Sydney. Could be because they have so many great labels down there that you’d have to try very hard not to look good. I really didn’t know what I wanted to buy first. Thankfully, the Sales were on.

At the bottom of the suitcase was a dusting of sand from Bondi. I hope I can hold on to the feeling of being there until I can wear my new clothes again – in approximately six months.

And this is where I spent my money:

My friend Sidsel’s favourite label. Sidsel moved to Melbourne last year, which also makes me jealous, because Gorman has a store right around the corner from where she lives. One visit to the store and I could imagine wearing every one of the fantastic prints the label is known for. I left with a pair of sensational platform sandals instead. Sensational also because even the dreaded Berlin cobble stone sidewalks won’t be able to ruin those heels. Ha!

If you’re looking for a bikini, go to Zimmermann. Even if you’re not looking for a bikini you’ll find one at Zimmermann. And the glamorous cover for the party after the beach, too. I had my eye on a mango-coloured silk dress. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it in my size.

*Manning Cartell
Which didn’t matter when I found THE dress at Manning Cartell a day later. I’d made the resolution to find one of their stores in Sydney after seeing Julia look as phenomenal in a Manning Cartell dress on New Year’s Eve as you’d want to look on the last night of the year. Still, I couldn’t have known that I’d be willing to pawn my return ticket for pretty much everything in the store. THE dress ended up being the first one I took to the dressing room. It’s still on the rack in the picture above. Can you guess which one?

Do you really have to fly to Australia to buy knickers? Of course not. But if you’re there already, you’d be silly not to get as much Bonds as will fit into your suitcase. There’s no better underwear.

*Citta Design
Strictly speaking a label from New Zealand. Still, they make the kind of beach bags that you want to take to Bondi and any other beach in the world. And a lot of pretty stuff for your home.

The Espadrilles you want to wear with your beach bag.

I’ve no idea what Australia did to me, but suddenly I, normally mostly seen in black, wanted to buy things in colours like pale pink. With flower prints. Especially from this Melbourne native.

The Aussie Topshop. You’ll also find the beach towels here that you stupidly forgot to bring from Germany.

*Country Road
Country Road has everything else useful that you might’ve also forgotten. T-Shirts. Straw hats. An easy cotton dress.

*Sass & Bide
If I was the surfing frontwoman of a rockband (a rocking surfgirl?), I’d only wear Sass & Bide.

*Camilla and Marc
By the time I made it to Camilla and Marc, my budget was spent. I’ll start saving for their (entire) winter collection then…

When you’re travelling to Australia, you probably have more than one day to go shopping. But just in case you ever find yourself in Sydney with only a few hours to spare, head to Glenmore Road in Paddington, where Zimmermann have a shop next door to Manning Cartell and you can also spend a handful of Dollars at Kirrily Johnston, Marnie Skillings and Born in June.

And if you’re ever in Melbourne for an afternoon, go to Chapel Street.

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    zu gewinnen gibt es ein schönes jil sander parfum.

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