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By Marlene | Published: 9. September 2016
My book comes out today. When I was about halfway done, but had one of those days when I felt at my wit’s end, the editor from the publishing house called. „We’re printing the cover in three different colours. Also, we’re trying to embroider the title on each book. If we can get it to work, it’s going to be amazing.“ Looking at the book – my [...]

leanne shapton on „women in clothes“

By Marlene | Published: 1. October 2015
The title already tells you that this is probably not going to be an ordinary book about fashion. Women in Clothes. It’s so straightforward. So modest and yet mightily bold, because it would be quite a task to cover the entire spectrum of women and their clothes. What makes it in fact an extraordinary book about fashion is that it delivers on that promise [...]

the bread exchange

By Marlene | Published: 10. October 2014
When I met up with Malin to take a first look at her book, she showed me a little video she had filmed with her phone on a trip to Kabul. In it, a couple of older Afghan women are sitting together in a female-only bakery, preparing bread in a tandoor oven from the dough that Malin had made for them. They’re concentrated on their task, you can hear them [...]

okka’s book

By Marlene | Published: 1. October 2014
I got the chance to read Okka’s book „Völlig fertig und irre glücklich: Meine ersten Jahre als Mutter“ in advance when I was still heavily pregnant. I’m not sure she knows what a treat that was for me. I locked myself into our living room for a couple of days and didn’t really move, except to get more salted licorice. And tissues. Oh my, how this [...]