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the five minute fix || pleated skirt

By Marlene | Published: 31. December 2016


I had similar expectations of this five minute fix that a 17-year-old has of New Year’s Eve. I wanted to build a small set for taking the pictures. Buy fabulous props. Borrow loads of great tops and shoes and pleated skirts. All before Christmas so that you’d be able to buy everything online in time to have it delivered by the end of this year. As in the end of 2016.

I have no idea why I thought I’d manage to do this in the run-up to Christmas, traditionally the craziest time of year, and so of course I didn’t manage it. What I did manage is this: a spontaneaous last second improv fix. Which actually might even be the better answer to the question of what to wear to welcome 2017. When Steffi gave me the idea to do looks with a pleated skirt, I initially had a quick look through my own closet. Because there’s a gold pleated skirt hanging in there that I bought this time last year and have since worn exactly once. For no good reason, because I came up with three different looks in five minutes, all of them with other things I also already had in my closet. So there’s my (fashion) resolution for 2017: Wear a gold pleated skirt more often, even without special occasion, without overthinking it and without fireworks being lit. Because a skirt like that makes you feel sparkling anyway.

Everything you see here is my own, but I’ve put together links with good alternatives, quite a few of them on Sale. I’ll hopefully be wearing the second look tonight and will probably fall asleep at ten past midnight, but without feeling like I’m missing out on anything. I’m not 17 anymore after all.

Have fun tonight whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re celebrating. See you next year!

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The pleated skirt is the same throughout from TOPSHOP, which has since been re-issued and can be found here. I obviously don’t need two gold pleated skirts, but this one from EDITED THE LABEL is making me reconsider. This skirt from ÉTOILE ISABEL MARANT is great, too, and also available in silver and in a red metallic short version.

The advantage when you’re celebrating at home is not having to wrap yourself in three layers of clothes, so a tee-shirt will do just fine. I found this one from Holiday Magazine at the beautiful new design store Bon Voyage Interieur in Hamburg. If you’re not from there or not visiting any time soon, but are as in love with the t-shirt as I was: Write a quick mail (the contact is on the website) and the shirt will be on its way to you. I also like this Rocket Fries tee from GANNI just as much as this Coucou Paris tee from ÊTRE CÉCILE. Or, really, any tee from ÊTRE CÉCILE.

Similar sandals from CARVELA are available here. (Although the trophy purchase for 2017 has to be from SAINT LAURENT.)

This eyeliner pencil from BOBBI BROWN is the only one with which I can draw a decent cateye in five minutes. Per eye, obviously. And this lipstick from UND GRETEL in Wood always works.



/ 2 /

I’ve been wearing these slippers from ZARA so much that I’m considering getting a second pair in reserve, so it’s lucky that they’re in the Sale at the moment. Slippers might just be my shoe for 2017. Like these from JOSEPH. Or especially these beautiful ones with a bow from SANDRO, also currently on Sale.

I’m repeating myself but I wear thin wool jumpers like this one from COS so much that I could do with stockpiling a few more, starting with this one from H&M. Top of the wish list: this Cashair jumper in grey or black from JOSEPH. And I love the idea of this light beige jumper with a gold skirt (with added white trainers).

Inside Vogue: A Diary of My 100th Year by Alexandra Shulman was a lovely Christmas present from Okka. The lipstick from VICTORIA BECKHAM x ESTÉE LAUDER in Chilean Sunset was a lovely present from myself.



/ 3 /

The thin bomber from COS was truly a lucky find. It goes along with almost anything, not least the combination with a gold skirt. Similar styles can be found here at WEEKDAY and here at ENVII. I wear mine over a simple camisole like this one from RAEY or this one from SELECTED. The ankle boots came from COS as well, a more luxury version would be the Jensen Boots from ACNE that you can find here. The scent is Kimonanthe from DIPTYQUE.











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  1. Sabine
    Posted 10. January 2017 at 20:29 | Permalink

    Dear Marlene, thank you for this. I have almost the exact same skirt (two of them actually, just for the sake of full disclosure). It is sitting in my closet (sadly I Imagine), waiting to be worn. Thanks to you, I now have three ideas what to do with it – and a pair of Zara slippers bought on sale that could arrive any minute now.

  2. Mareike
    Posted 10. January 2017 at 21:00 | Permalink

    Ohhh, du liebe Marlene! Danke für diesen Beitrag! Die Slipper haben mich begeistert! Hab sie sofort bestellt und bin soooo happy! Endlich perfekte Frühlingsschuhe! Ich danke dir!
    Ganz liebe Grüße!

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