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the slip dress

By Marlene | Published: 1. August 2016


Every style rule needs an exception. Like, if you wore a trend the first time around, you’re old enough to know better when it comes back for a second time.

In my case that rule applies to much of the 90s. High-waisted Levi’s? Sure, wore those. Adidas Gazelle? Absolutely. Fjällräven backpacks, flannel shirts, chokers? All of it. Clip-on nose rings? Goodgoddidireally, yes. Pieces that make you want to take a black marker and write I was there!” on a toilet cubicle, as Alexa so perfectly described them on Journelles (By the way: Alexa has started writing more on her blog Alexa Peng again. A very welcome revival!)

As a total wise-ass wise old woman I’m happy to leave most of that stuff to the young folks, who weren’t even born in the 90s and thus can’t know that a crushed velvet choker is the most pointless piece of jewelry of all time. But I’ll make an exception for the slip dress, which still looks essentially the same as it did back then: a clingy, usually floor-length dress in black or white with thin straps over the shoulders. This dress is Kate Moss personified, fag in one hand, glass of champers in the other. More than a dress actually, it represented a new attitude towards fashion that didn’t want to be flashy anymore, but came across as unadorned, imperfect, quiet.

It might be why the slip dress has aged so well. It’s simplicity really is timeless and it’s still best worn by itself or with a plain white tee underneath.

Although when you have such a simple piece of clothing, the details really show up. Which is why I prefer the dress as Carola is wearing it here: with bold details like the long front slit and multi-strap back, combined with delicate silver jewelry and white trainers.

If I had to make a prediction for the future, I’d say that you can still wear it like this in 20 years time.







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