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fancy that

By Marlene | Published: 20. October 2011
But I don't wear prints. That's what I thought when I picked these trousers from a rack at Sandro. They're pretty, but what would I wear them with? And isn't a small blossom print a bit twee for me? Why don't I just buy a simple pair of black trousers, like always? Before I could hang them back, the sales girl had slithered up to me and whispered: "A perfect [...]
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By James | Published: 19. October 2011
There are some fantastic new takes on the brogue around at the moment. Ever since I first saw the Prada ones with the heavy rubber sole I've wanted a pair. For the most part though, men's shoes don't change that much and when you look at a pair from a traditional shoemaker like these it isn't hard to see why. The holes were originally designed to drain water [...]
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a week in fashion #40

By Marlene | Published: 16. October 2011
I spent the last week in a fitness bootcamp - which I'll have to tell you about when I can lift my arms to the keyboard again without pain - and the only fashion involved in that experience was deciding between running shorts and sweatpants every morning. So it was just a little bit irritating when I stood in front of my closet on Saturday with the choice [...]
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a gift from paris

By James | Published: 14. October 2011
I was a just little jealous, reading Marlene's updates from Paris whilst I remained at home. That was soon forgotten when she got home though, especially as she bought me a present. And she really is good at buying presents, too. I love this scarf she picked out for me, which is one big loop that can be wrapped around your neck once, twice, or even (as the [...]
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By Marlene | Published: 12. October 2011
After seeing all that bling and glitz in Paris, now that I'm looking through my pictures again, this is the image I keep coming back to. It's perhaps my favourite outfit of the week. Because to me she looks like a true Parisienne. Smart and casual at the same time. I like how all of the elements of her outfit work so effortlessly well together, the pushed-up [...]