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Monthly Archives: January 2013

fashion week discovery: bags by PB 0110 ( )

By Marlene | Published: 20. January 2013
I will always be partial to the James Castle bags, of course. But here's a new brand that caught my eye at the SEEK fair: PB 0110 ( ). The PB stands for Philipp Bree, the brand's founder and formerly CEO of Bree. 0110 is his birthday. The brackets are open to interpretation. The bags and accessories are made from natural leather and were designed by three [...]

ari, one year later

By Marlene | Published: 19. January 2013
Exactly this time last year I was stalking Ari around fashion week. I didn't really know her then, but she really stood out in her jacket and I desperately wanted to take her picture. We were never in the same place for long enough, so it never happened. And then she suddenly stood in front of me again in that jacket earlier today, just before the final [...]

lala land

By Marlene | Published: 17. January 2013
The Lala Berlin show is always something I look forward to. Some of my favourite things about the new collection: The mix of bubblegum pinks and burgundy shades, the cool gaucho hats, the big mannish coats and, as always, the great knits. I thought the styling, with easy tucked-in hair and smokey eyes, was great too. Oh, and Little Miss Lala's walk at the [...]

the danish design love fest continues

By Marlene | Published: 16. January 2013
So the sun still isn't shining on Berlin. So what. I discovered this brand of sunglasses at the SEEK fashion fair yesterday. It's called Han Kjøbenhavn and how could it not be Danish with that name? And how could I not show you these glasses right away when they're the perfect addition to what I wrote about Danish design here and here last week? Good design, [...]