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By Marlene | Published: 23. August 2017


The beauty of some dresses only reveals itself after you’ve owned them for a while. Although I should’ve known I would love the Art Dress from RODEBJER from the start, because the same brand makes the caftan that makes me feel like an eccentric art collector with a holiday home in Palm Springs (not a bad thing) and that I’ve gotten more compliments for than any other piece of clothing I own (definitely not a bad thing).

The Art Dress has similar powers.

For a start, the combination of „white“ and „shirt dress“ feels instantly like summer, while the soft cotton does not make you feel like your look will crinkle the instant you sit down somewhere. This dress can take being taken to the beach in Denmark.


And to the beach on Sardinia. Which was actually last summer, but might as well have been yesterday as the CÉLINE sunglasses, ALL SAINTS sandals and hat from the farmer’s market have been on repeat again this year. I like things that accompany me for longer than a season. What I like even more is wearing the same thing over and over again in August. Holiday = getting dressed without thinking.



I did veeeery little thinking in Sweden.

Thinking about it now: perhaps I like this dress as much as I do, because it’s as easy and unfussy to wear as a nightdress, but still makes me looked properly dressed.


So well-dressed that I took it with me on a press trip with Dior to the South of France. Neither 35 degree heat will make you break a sweat in this dress, nor being a granny among by influencers. Or, for that matter, suddenly finding yourself in a picture with a supermodel and a super make-up artist while trying to look like this is not at all making you supernervous (Me, out loud: „Yes, let’s take a picture!“ Me, internally: Ohgodohgodohgod).


It might look like a white shirt dress. In fact, it’s self-confidence to wear when you’re being photographed with Bella Hadid and Peter Philips.


| „Art Dress“ from RODEBJER, also available in navy and black |

| Sunglasses „Little Marta“ from CÉLINE (old) |

| Linnen shoulder bag „The Line“ from JAMES CASTLE |

| Wicker bag from NANDI BERLIN |

| Sandals from ALL SAINTS (old) |


Photography: Marlene Sørensen, Dior (1), Mike Rosenthal (1)










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  1. Natalia
    Posted 26. August 2017 at 14:19 | Permalink

    Fantastisches Statement, Marlene! Ein Kleidungsstück, das sich seiner Trägerin und den Umständen anpasst und nicht umgekehrt! Das macht es so authentisch!


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